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Concrete Motorway Barriers

Our concrete motorway barriers are BS EN 1317 crash tested and certified – offering effective and safe motorway traffic separation or for usage on the central reservation. Available for temporary or long term hire, our Jersey barriers can be used for a range of traffic separation applications, limiting access to high traffic areas whilst also providing effective protection against malicious or hostile vehicles. Our Jersey barriers offer higher resilience and impact resistance than metal or wire gates and barrier bars, giving motorists or highway workers a greater level of protection.

Concrete Blocks for Motorway Usage

Our concrete barriers are used by local authorities and emergency services for effective traffic separation and the protection of highway workers during motorway projects. With each Jersey barrier block weighing as much as a family-sized car, they provide more than adequate protection from oncoming traffic and, when linked together, they form a solid, heavier barrier.

Our concrete barriers can also be used to protect motorways from flooding. When carrying out construction or repairs on the motorway, our Jersey barriers can be used to protect workers while also safely, directing traffic away from the area; or simply to funnel and slow down the drivers.

About Our Concrete Barrier Blocks
ProBlock TVCB Hire for Events

All of our concrete barriers are BS EN 1317 crash tested and certified and have stood up to the most modern crash impact and pedestrian safety tests.

Jersey Barriers

Our Jersey barrier, primarily used for motorway or road related projects, are 2,500mm in length, 810mm in height, 610mm in width and the weight comes in at 1,450kg. This is our standard Jersey barrier, but if you would like something lighter and smaller, or perhaps even larger, we have a range of concrete barriers to suit a variety of applications. Please contact us for more details. Read more about our Jersey Barriers here.


TVCBs can also be used for high traffic situations and offer a larger and heavier solution in comparison with our Jersey barriers. The length is 3,000mm, height is 800mm, width is 450mm and the weight is considerably more, at 2,500kg. These too can be used for motorway barriers but they are less portable and take time to unload and seat them on the ground effectively. However, they do provide additional impact protection. Read more about our TVCB’s here. 

PBS Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier
Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks

We also provide interlocking concrete blocks, (LG4, LG6, LG8) which are shorter in length but come in three different weights, namely, 1,200kg, 2,400kg and 1,800kg. These are mainly used for construction purposes, such as building retaining walls, but they can also provide more than  adequate protection for a motorway or to warden traffic in heavy footfall zones. The interlocking blocks have extra strength-by-design, as they can simply slot in alongside each other, creating a tighter barrier with additional impact resistance. Read more about our interlocking concrete lego blocks here.

PBS Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks X 8
Why Choose Pro Block Security for parking barrier hire?

ProBlock is able to deliver robust concrete motorway barriers for your project at short notice if your security needs are urgent. Available for long or short term hire, our concrete blocks are available in various different shapes, sizes and weights, meaning that we’ll be able to provide a suitable solution for your needs. 

Our concrete motorway barriers can be hired throughout the entire United Kingdom. We provide full installation and delivery to your site as well as any help with any spacing or design aspects of your project. Our concrete motorway barriers are designed to be lifted and transported using forklift trucks and can be unloaded within minutes. Read more about our concrete barrier hire service here. 

ProBlock TVCB Hire For Events
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